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Common Problems with XBox

The XBox is certainly one of the best gaming consoles in history and the 360 is still currently the console that has the highest console sales numbers when it comes to next gen gaming. The underlying fact that many gamers are aware of is that there are many common problems with XBox 360 consoles. Most of these problems can be fixed quickly and easily, but the red ring of death still presents nightmares for hardcore and novice gamers alike. In the next few paragraphs we will take a look at the most likely problems as well as how to take care of them from the comfort of your own home.

Common problems with XBox often show up without warning. While snow or other minor graphics problems might come right before the red ring of death and the E74 message, other problems will show up out of the blue, and typically seem to occur when you get your hands on the game you have been dying to play or finally get a long weekend to devote to beating your favorite FPS. These problems typically result in their own RROD, but without the E74 screen message.

If you are experiencing flashing on all but the first quadrant of the red ring, your solution could not be simpler. Simply unplug all of the cords from your console and reinsert them. Your power cable should offer a very snug fit, and the AV cable will create a slight sound when it snaps into place. Never force your cables to prevent damaging the internal parts, but ensure that they are well seated in the console and your problem should be solved.

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Another of the common problems with XBox is flashing on all but the second quadrant of the red ring. This is yet another easy fix, though a slightly costly addition is highly recommended. This problem indicates that your XBox is overheating, which is usually indicative of a failure with the internal cooling fan. Turning of the console until it cools down will do the trick, but repeated overheating is certainly very dangerous for your console. Thankfully, there are third party fans that can be purchased and attached directly to the console that will draw out excess heat and keep your delicate components cool and safe.

The most dreaded of all common problems with XBox is the red ring of death accompanied by the E74 message. While in rare cases this can be as simple as reinserting your video cable, the video problem that causes it typically requires a more heavy duty fix. Because the solder on the video chip within the console is prone to breaking, you will need to have it repaired to stop the ring. Sending the console to Microsoft and waiting a month is one option, as is paying a local repairman. The easiest solution, however, is to acquire a good repair guide and fix the problem yourself. It takes only a short amount of time and minimal tools and will save you a month of waiting and a potentially large sum of money. In an ideal world, there would be no common problems with XBox. Since we don’t live in that world, however, the best we can do is offer you common solutions to ensure that you don’t have to stop gaming for long.


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